Get inspired to move

We all know that keeping active is good for your mind and body. But it’s not always easy to fit exercise into your busy life or even find something you actually enjoy doing. Plus there’s always confusing information about what exercises are good or bad for you (runner’s knee? Tennis elbow?) and it can be daunting if you haven’t exercised for a while.

Don’t let those trainers feel unloved…

The Active Edit is a platform to inform, motivate and inspire you to move more, whether that is through structured exercise classes, sports or just being more active in daily life. Not all of us enjoy the gym or spinning classes, but that’s OK. There are loads of ways to stay active without getting anywhere near Lycra. For those that do enjoy getting a good sweat on, there’s plenty for you too.

The Active Edit will summarise and signpost to trusted evidence around the benefits of exercise for both mind and body, and provide you with plenty of ideas, inspiration and confidence to encourage activity in your life.

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